Frequently asked questions

Who owns Huxleys?

Huxleys is owned by The Casual Dining Group Ltd. Yes, we know that’s a really dull sounding name (which you’ve probably already forgotten) but we run lots of restaurants and we’d far rather you knew their names. To find out more about us and what we do visit our website at

Do you franchise?

No, we don’t. We’re unique and are staying that way. Sorry!

Do you have a service charge policy?

Yes we do, click here.

Are children welcome at Huxleys?

Children are not only welcomed, we have a ‘Huxley Land’ menu and adventure sheet especially for them.

Can I book at Huxleys?

Oh yes! But not through the website. Call the restaurant directly on 0208 283 6191 and they’ll be happy to take your booking.

What’s your head office address?

We like letters. You can write to us at: Casual Dining Group, 163 Eversholt Street, London NW1 1BU.